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Frequently Asked Questions

Why repoint?

Over time the brickwork on your building can become tired looking and unpleasing to the eye.  However this tired look can also be an indication of a more serious problem such as damp.

Voids in the joints between brickwork can allow water to penetrate the brickwork causing severe damage. Such damage is usually caused by adverse weather or simply the result of general wear and tear.

How many years does repointing last?

When carried by professionals repointing can last for 50 to 100 years.

How much does it cost to repoint?

Repointing can vary  from building to building and depends on the type of mortar used.  Free quotations are given usually based on the square meters which require the service.

Repointing vs Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing offers an aesthetic fix however full repointing is used to fix structural damage while also restoring the structural integrity of the mortar joints. 

What is the purpose of repointing?

‘Pointing’ is a term given to the finish that is between the bricks or stone used to build your house. 

Incorrect pointing can cause irreparable damage to older buildings.