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Repointing Old Mortar

Our services cover all aspects of brickwork restoration, the most common being repointing tired or failing mortar.

Brick Replacement

When moisture enters a brick it expands and contracts due to temperature changes, this can lead to spalling brick.  Spalling can also be an indication that the mortar is too dense. Individual bricks can easily be replaced individually or alongside repointing.

Lime Mortar Specialists

Old style Belfast brick was mostly build using a lime mortar mix. Lime based mortar is used for its durability and has more of a waterproof quality than regular cement mortar.  When repointing we can replace like for like or replace cement mortar with a lime based mix.

Chimney Repairs

Following years of use it is a possibility your chimney needs repair due to a leak or filing construction.  Pointing North offer complete chimney rebuilds, repairs or repointing.